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A malfunctioning air conditioner is one of the most frustrating things that can happen during the hot summer months. When your AC breaks down, you need fast, reliable AC repair Liberty Hill, TX. Fortunately, you can always count on our team of HVAC pros at Covenant Air Conditioning & Heating to troubleshoot the problem.

No matter what type of AC problem you’re dealing with, we have the skills and experience necessary to restore your system’s peak function in no time. From refrigerant leaks to compressor issues, we’ve seen it all, and we know how to fix it!

AC Repair Liberty Hill

Is Your AC Blowing Hot Air? Possible Causes and Solutions

An air conditioner that is blowing hot air is a common problem for most homeowners and may require professional AC repair Liberty Hill, TX. There are several possible causes for this issue and some easy solutions that can help fix the problem.

The AC unit is not receiving enough power.

This is perhaps the most common cause of an AC unit blowing hot air. Check to ensure that your air conditioner is plugged in and receiving power. If the problem persists, you may need to call an electrician.

The thermostat is set to “heat” instead of “cool.”

In some cases, your thermostat could be to blame for the hot air spreading in your room. Be sure it is set to “cool” mode and not “heat” mode, and you’re good to go.

The AC unit is not receiving enough refrigerant.

It can be a more serious problem that will require the help of an AC repair Liberty Hill, TX technician. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it will not be able to cool your home properly.

Your AC filter is dirty

Who would have thought that something so small could cause such a big problem? A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and cause your air conditioner to blow hot air. Make sure to check and clean your filter on a regular basis, preferably once a month.

There is cool air coming from the vents, but the house is not cooling down

This problem can be caused by several factors, from a dirty AC filter to ductwork issues. Once again, it’s best to call an AC repair Liberty Hill, TX technician to take a look and determine the root of the problem.

The AC unit is making strange noises.

It could be a sign of a more serious issue. These noises could be coming from the compressor, which is a vital component of your air conditioning unit. It is best to call a professional right away.

There are other potential causes of an air conditioner blowing hot air, but these are the most common. If you’re still having trouble, contact our AC experts for help.

Don’t Sweat It – We Can Fix Your AC Quickly and Affordably! 

Don’t stress yourself too much if your AC unit is on the fritz. All you have to do is give our professionals a call. We will troubleshoot the problem and find a solution that works for you!

We can also offer AC repair Liberty Hill, TX, for emergency situations, along with maintenance and tune-up services to keep your unit running at its best all year long.

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