Top Three Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money (And Help Your HVAC)

If you’re like us (and you’re probably like us), you know that spring (or summer) cleaning is something that you should do. You just have a hard time getting excited about it. We understand. Not many people really want to scrub down all their baseboards and organize their closets, but there’s a reason why spring cleaning is a thing. Not only is it good for your Austin home’s heating and air conditioning system, it can save you money. Here’s how:

1) Dust is the mother of all evil. Maybe that’s strong. Dust may not be the mother of all evil. It is a very annoying fact of life. While those roaming dust bunnies underneath your bed may not seem all that threatening, dust intake into your heating and air conditioning system can cause it to fail. Especially through a hot Texas summer. A good, old-fashioned deep cleaning can go a long way in keeping dust out of your air conditioning system. Also, make sure to change your unit’s filters regularly. Cheap filters should be changed once a month. Higher end filters (advertised with a two to three month lifespan) should be changed as recommended. Permanent filters should be removed and cleaned thoroughly once a month. While the steps will not guarantee that your unit won’t break when it’s in summer overdrive, they will go a long way in preventive maintenance. You may even see a little savings in your energy bill.

2) You don’t need all those clothes! Or maybe you do. Those skinny pants from 2002 may be really hard to part with. We can’t tell you what to throw away, give away, or sell, but we can tell you that there are a lot of Austin area consignment stores out there that would be happy to resell your skinny pants from 2002. If you haven’t used or worn an item in two years, it may be time to part with it. Keep in mind that old t-shirts make great cleaning rags, and old socks are perfect for dusting. Reusing items you already have saves money on things like paper towels, which can get expensive, even when they’re bought in bulk. If you take the time to sort through your garage, attic, and closets, you may be surprised at what you can reuse or resell in order to save you and your family money.

3) Did someone say allergies? We didn’t hear you, because someone sneezed. Liberty Hill is home to all kinds of wonderful pollens, including tree pollen, ragweed, and grass pollen. In order to combat these outdoor irritants (and not spend quite as much on doctor visits and allergy medication), it’s important to keep the indoors of your home clean. Routine filter changing and air duct inspections can go a long way to make sure that pollen and dust isn’t building up in your HVAC system and blowing allergens into your house. Our service pros at Covenant can inspect your system for possible problems and allergen entry points.

It’s a beautiful time of year. Take advantage of shaking off the last of the winter doldrums by getting your house in order. With all the added benefits of organized closets, less dust in the corners, and a more functional and efficient heating and air conditioning unit, could you ask for anything more?

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