Quality Insurance: The Covenant Promise

When you’re choosing where to go with your business in any industry, we know that a few things are important. You need someone you can trust, and someone that has your best interests in mind. You need someone who you know will do the best job they can.

When it comes to creating a comfortable home for your family and friends, this is even more important. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to build your home. You need someone well-trained and up to snuff on the appropriate safety codes; likewise, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to service your HVAC system, which is vital to creating the best environment for you and your family.

If you’re already part of the Covenant Club, you know that we are Men of Integrity, here to serve you. Part of the way we ensure all of our customers is through quality customer care. The other is by promising you’re getting a skilled technician each and every time, which we can do because each of our technicians are fully trained and licensed to handle routine HVAC maintenance just as well as and any emergency your HVAC could possibly throw at you.

The steps to getting your licensing are more involved and more time consuming than most people realize. To start, all technicians have high school diplomas and show an aptitude for engineering, industrial arts, and technical problem solving.

Once one decides to pursue a career as a technician, they continue with collegiate studies, where they take classes in reading blueprints, construction, engineering, and similar studies. This can take anywhere from six months to two years. After getting their degree, many will enter an apprenticeship. A formal apprenticeship will usually last between three and five years, and the apprentice will shadow a professional HVAC technician, learning practical and theoretical HVAC practices while refining their craft.

After that, it’s onto the HVAC licensing exam. This comprehensive exam will test a prospective technician’s knowledge on all aspects of HVAC repair and installation, and some exams even require extensive knowledge of electrical codes. Technicians that wish to work with refrigerants have to get additional certification and pass yet another exam!

We mention all of this hard work and dedication not to push anyone away from a career in the HVAC field (far from it!) but to allow all of our current and future clients to know that we worked hard to become the best HVAC technicians, and we work hard to continue to provide you with the best service possible.

So the next time you’re in need of an HVAC technician, make sure you only are using licensed and certified technicians. After all, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to build your home, so don’t trust anyone who has only fixed an AC once or twice to ensure your family is living in comfort. If you’re ready to join the Covenant Club and have a well-trained technician provide regularly scheduled maintenance for your HVAC system and always be available for emergencies, you can learn more about us online.