Make The Smart Switch To A Smart Thermostat

If we’ve noticed one thing in the last few years, it’s that people love to have the latest technology. Every time a new smartphone or tablet comes out, people rush out to upgrade, even waiting in line for days to be the first to take home the latest invention.

But when it comes to investing in technology for their home, many are hesitant to make the switch.

We understand the hesitation; getting a new phone is easy, but many people believe upgrading your HVAC technology means investing in an upgrade to your system that can be extensive and costly. What if we told you there was a small upgrade that cost the same as that fancy new phone that (unlike your phone) can make a huge difference in your monthly monetary and energy expenditures?

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular with homeowners and for good reason. They’re small, save you money, reduce your environmental footprint, and are changing the way we control our internal environments. So, what should you know about smart thermostats?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what a smart thermostat is.

Most homes have digital thermostats already, and these work as a control panel for your HVAC system. Like your current thermostat, smart thermostats function as the control panel for your system, but unlike your current thermostat, they are more sophisticated in their construction and operation. Many of them are actually closer to a thermostat/smartphone hybrid than your current digital thermostat. Smart thermostats are called “smart” because they learn from you and your usage habits to automatically make adjustments to your home’s climate. They can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, can show you energy consumption and can even adjust for external conditions, like humidity.

Second, it’s important to understand what smart thermostats can do for you.

Most smart thermostats offer various generations for you to choose from and smart technology companies, like Nest, which specializes in smart technology like thermostats, smoke alarms and CO2 detectors, has routine software updates to keep your system at optimal functionality.

Besides staying up-to-date with current trends to help keep your system easy to use, switching to a smart thermostat offers big monetary and energy savings. Smart thermostats cost more than regular thermostats because of their increased capabilities, but most energy companies offer rebates for switching from a digital thermostat.

Because smart thermostats adjust on their own as they learn your usage habits and lifestyle patterns, they can tell you how long it will take to reach your desired temperature. This tells you how efficiently your current HVAC system is working. They can also estimate the costs of heating and cooling your home, and can make adjustments to save you the most money. Most smart thermostats boast an average of 10% savings on your energy bill, which really adds up over the years!

Third, it’s important to understand that making the switch to a smart thermostat is a lot easier than it seems!

Most smart thermostats require a professional installation, and Covenant is happy to help with making the switch! We can answer any questions you may have about the benefits of upgrading your system to use a smart thermostat, and can talk to you about other ways to save money on your existing system! Schedule your appointment with Covenant today!