How To Keep Your Home From Leaking Air

It’s hot out there, and you’re working hard and spending good money to keep your house cool and comfortable. But could you be unknowingly sabotaging your efforts? If you haven’t taken steps to ensure your home isn’t leaking air, you could be wasting valuable money on your energy bill each month. Fortunately, there are simple, low-cost fixes to this problem that can keep money in your bank account and keep the hot Texas summers out!

First, determine if and where you home is leaking air.

To do this, it’s as easy as getting an incense stick or something that can produce a small amount of smoke. Walk through your house, holding the incense stick near windows, doors, electrical boxes and outlets, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches or any place you feel would be prone to air leaking. If the smoke stream travels horizontally, then you probably have an air leak.

Air leaks are especially important to fix because more than just letting unwanted air in and out, areas of leakage can lead to moisture control problems, allow in dust, pollen, insects, and unwanted noise.

A well-sealed home can prevent all of these problems.

Second, if you determine areas where your home is leaking air, determine where your home needs caulking, sealing, or weather-stripping.

Most of these projects are easily completed. Caulk and weather-stripping materials, available at your local hardware store, are best used for sealing windows and doors. Foam sealant is more appropriate for areas such as windows, baseboards, and places with larger gaps. When sealing areas like chimneys, furnaces, or heated items, use fire-resistant materials to stop air leaks.

If you’re ready to get started on your sealing and insulation project, Energy Star and Covenant Air Conditioning and Heating can help! Energy Star has some tips to help get you started on projects like sealing your attic, basement or crawlspaces.

Then, talk to us to make sure your newly-sealed home is cooling efficiently, and stop letting your hard-earned money leak out the window.