Behind The Scenes: Our New Commercial!

If you’ve been around our Facebook page over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed an exciting bit of news: we recently filmed a new commercial! The idea for the commercial has been in the works for a while, but it took a little while to settle on the perfect idea and tone. We wanted to communicate the most important aspects of our business model: integrity and customer service. Today, we’re giving you a peek behind the scenes of making the commercial.

The commercial was filmed at a beautiful Austin area home in Crystal Falls. During the filming, the production team tried to produce so much “heat” with a fog machine that the smoke alarm kept going off.

That feeling of the thermostat rising and rising because of the broken AC is something everyone has dreaded at one point or another, isn’t it? Filming of the commercial took the better part of the day. The owner of the home, Linda Chapman, provided lunch to the entire cast and crew. We couldn’t have been more grateful to her!

The little boy in the commercial was played by a native Austinite, Camdyn. The other family members portrayed in the commercial were his actual mom and sister. The production team talked about how much fun it was to have all of them on set.

When planning the commercial, the production team needed someone with a genuine Texan voice to do the voice over. After looking around for several weeks, the team finally had a grand ‘Ah-ha’ moment that the best person for the job was business owner (and commercial star), Mike Luker.

The commercial shoot was a huge success. Thanks to all of our friends at Mint Studios for their concerted efforts towards this project. They helped us to convey the standard of integrity that is so important to our entire team at Covenant. View the finished product on our Facebook page

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