Allergy Season In Austin

If there is one thing that we can say about Austin, Texas, it is the certainty of allergy season. Here at Covenant Heat and AC in Liberty Hill, Texas, we believe that your HVAC unit is like the heart of your home: it circulates anything and everything around your home. Allergy season may be a tricky time of year. It may seem like there is not much you can do about runny noses and itchy eyes. Before you run to the doctor for expensive check-ups and medications, try these simple in-home allergy relief precautions.

  1. Change your filters: We cannot stress enough the importance of checking and changing your air filters. These simple household items are the barrier between the dust in your home and your entire HVAC system. Changing your air filters will help your family stay healthy, and also keep your ducts clean and clear.
  2. Forget Spring Cleaning, Autumn Cleaning: Removing dust from your home helps with allergies and common colds. The less dust there is to get pulled into your HVAC system, the fewer filters you will have to buy. Do the extra step while cleaning your house this September and wash curtains, pull out and clean behind appliances, and wipe down your baseboards.
  3. Buy allergy covers or air purifiers: Another way to control dust mites and allergens is to buy dust covers for your pillows and mattresses. These covers may seem expensive as a one-time purchase, but they can go a long way in mitigating allergens while you sleep. We offer a couple of different options and both come with either 5 or 10 year warranties.
  4. Check your Ducts: Duct-Sealing, Replacement or Redesign

    Duct sealing is not only good for conserving energy and keeping costs down, it’s also good for reducing allergens in the air. When improperly sealed, your duct system will lose air in various places (attics mainly) and that air will need to be replaced, which it does by pulling outside air in through cracks, windows, doors, etc. Consequently, in doing this, outside allergens are introduced into your home, possibly along with humid air, etc.

  5. Sign up for the Covenant Club: Because the Covenant Club offers added benefits like routine maintenance, it is an easy and affordable way to guarantee that your HVAC system stays in top working condition during the worst allergy months. Allowing us to routinely service and guarantee the health of your unit may lead to a guarantee of your health in the future.

Allergy season is undeniable. Don’t spend the next few months in and out of the doctor’s office, call Covenant Heating and Air today to see how you can make sure your HVAC unit is in top working order for allergy season.

Covenant Heating and Air has been serving the greater Austin area for over twenty years. We are a family owned business that prides itself on taking care of you and your family. Integrity is not just our motto, it’s our policy. Call today.