A Tale Of First Time Home Buyers

Clarissa and John moved to Austin in 2012. They had spent two years renting an apartment in the city, before realizing that real estate value was only going to increase. They decided to buy their first home. They found an area that they liked with several homes in their price range and found a real estate agent who promised to help them get into their dream home.

After a few months of looking, they found a house that met all of their specifications, put in an offer, and it was accepted. They began the long process of contracts, negotiations, and inspections that make first time home buying so exciting. On the day of their home inspection, the inspector explained to them that the two most expensive parts of a home to repair are the roof and the HVAC unit.

John was curious and asked what to expect from the impending HVAC inspection. The inspector explained that he would check to see if the HVAC unit was in proper working order. He would do this by checking the temperature differential, which is a simple process of seeing how fast the unit responds when the thermostat is reprogrammed. He would also see if he thought the unit needed more coolant or if there were leaks in the ductwork. He would also inspect the unit to see if anything had been replaced. He encouraged John and Clarissa check with the current homeowners to see how old the unit was, and if they still had the service records for the unit.

After the inspection, Clarissa and John were informed that the unit was not in proper working order and that most of the system would need to be replaced. They shopped around for heating, air conditioning and ventilation service companies in the greater Austin area, but couldn’t find one that they liked or that would offer them a fair price for replacement and repairs. Finally, one of Clarissa’s friends recommended Covenant Heating and Air in Liberty Hill. She said that she had used them on occasion and was a member of the Covenant Club. She had year-round service with Covenant and had saved hundreds of dollars with preventative maintenance.

Clarissa reached out to Covenant and was pleased to find that their customer service representatives were extremely helpful in answering all of her questions. The next day, Covenant was able to send a technician out to the potential home in order to give John and Clarissa a more accurate quote on what the repairs would cost. The technician found additional leaks in the ductwork that the home inspector had missed, but told John and Clarissa that these would be repaired free of charge because it was their first home and integrity is Covenant’s policy. John and Clarissa decided to use Covenant’s quote. After they closed on the house, Covenant technicians came out and did the work of repairing the system. John and Clarissa also became members of the Covenant Club. The routine maintenance and ten percent off all service repairs was guaranteed to save them money in the long run. They never worry about hot, Austin summers anymore. Their HVAC system works like a dream.

If John and Clarissa’s story sounds familiar to you, call Covenant Heating and Air today. We are here to answer all of your first time home buyer questions related to heating, air conditioning, and duct work. Call or click today!